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Like a Bird On A Line

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Well, she said she’d be coming to call
Lord I knew what she’d be coming for.
She’d been angry at first, now expecting the worst
I wish it didn’t matter at all.

Well I knew in her eyes I’d be strong
By not fighting I’d be the one that’s wrong.
At the slightest excuse she’ll cut my love loose,
Like maybe she’d planned all along.

And all those long loving summer nights
I thought they never would end
But now through weary eyes I see
That old sun coming up again.

Well I can hear the sound of a freight train running;
It’s gonna roll all over me!
And I can hear the sound of her footsteps falling
In the early autumn leaves.

Well it’s over, she’s long come and gone
Should have known that she’d come on so strong
Like a bird on a line she just bided her time
Until she felt she could fly on along.