John was born in Chicago, but the family moved to Redondo Beach , CA when John was 3. He grew up within a short walk or bike ride of Torrance Beach, where he spent most of his summers and a few school days when he could get away with it. He got his first guitar at the age of 9, but didn't know how to play it. His father, a pianist and singer, soon bought him a decent classical guitar and John started lessons at the age of 10, learning from Pete Seeger's Great American Folk Songs. He eventually studied bluegrass, jazz, classical and rock guitar, as well as mandolin, piano, bass and dobro. By 13 he was playing in surf bands, by 14 a British cover band called The Fogg. John penned his first song, “Grandpa’s Song”, later called “Closed Book”, after visiting his grandfather in an assisted living facility. After high school, John helped form the band Beggars Keep and was soon signed to a local record company called Windi, owned by Gary Young, a former member of the Psychedelic Rock band Sunshine. Beggars Keep recorded a single record ("Home In The Country" & “The Sailor”) around 1970 and became a popular band in the local night club and college scene. John and his friends Joe Villegas and John Kimmitt wrote many original songs which were recorded as demos in Gary's garage studio. The band broke up shortly after Gary disappeared and they never found out what happened to the single. 

John started playing gigs as a solo singer/songwriter and was introduced to Jack Daley (manager of Pure Prairie League, The Everly Bros.) who took an interest in his artistry and started “shopping” him around the industry. John soon formed a band to perform his original songs and recorded a number of demos at his friend Michael McCarty's studio. 

At the same time John was playing in a country rock band when he met Vince Gill. He was so impressed with Vince that, when Jack Daley said Pure Prairie League was looking to replace their main singer/songwriter, John arranged an audition for Vince who soon had a hit record with the Prairie League and the rest is music history. 

Meanwhile, John formed a new band around 1978 to play at the popular Beach Bum Burt's night club in Redondo Beach and they ended up playing there five nights a week for over three years. 

By that time John had become disenchanted with the “music biz” and started raising a family and working in the aerospace industry. He kept his hand in music, playing the occasional gig and in churches. 

In 2001, John recorded and produced a Christmas album for his friends and family and began to realize he could create his own musical recordings without a big record company's expensive studios. These recordings are the result of a rather long, and often interrupted, learning and composing process. 

John is now retired from the aerospace business and lives in Bear Valley Springs, CA with his wife Janice and their cat Emmy. He has built a carefully designed music recording studio and spends many enjoyable hours recording his material as well as with other local musicians and singers. He has collaborated with musicians as far away as England through Joe Gilder's Home Studio Corner forum and keeps in touch with his old friends as much as possible to share both music and stories. Over the years John has played with such well known musicians as Byron Berline, John Hickman, Jim Photoglo, Vince Gill, Drake Levin, James Lee Stanley and John Phillip Shenale.