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Let The Dreamers Dream

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Picked up a pebble and called it a dime;
Bought me a book full of nursery rhymes;
Like the cow and the fiddle and the man in the moon,
There’s peace in the valley and a quiet room.
Oh! What the old folks say!
Oh! That’s just the way it is.
Oh! Do you know what I mean?
Let the weavers weave and the dreamers dream.
Met a young girl who could dance in time;
Built us a house in the countryside.
Two hoop gardens and a music room;
Quail in the summer sing a lonesome tune.
Chicken in the chicken coop up on the hill.
She’s chasing chicken ‘till she tripped and fell.
Put the pot pie on the windowsill,
When the supper’s ready she’ll ring the bell.