1. Song For Mondi

From the recording Beggars Keep

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Song For Mondi

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Song For Mondi
By J. Lauterjung

Every night the secret lights,
The dusty books on shelves along the wall
Wait for us.
While the masters put their minds to rest
By doing what feels best, we'd run,
You and I to feel ourselves.
And it all seems like a dream to me now.

Quietly beneath the trees,
We'd walk along the green to where we'd lay
All alone.
We'd hear the old man's footsteps at the door,
Coming in to sleep the floor and we'd laugh,
You and I just to ourselves.

In the stillness of the room we'd talk
About the pages never turned.
All the sheep were herded to the bar,
Where the drinks were served,
And they lost their nerve.

And it all seems like a dream to me now.