From the recording Brothers & Sisters

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Right By My Side

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John Lauterjung: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Horns and Vocals
Copyright 2020


Honey, won’t you stay right by my side
Even when those heavens open wide
When the storms comes rushing in
Rain and snow and thunder and wind

Won’t ya kiss and hold me tight
Just like we do most every night
Say you will always be my girl
You’re the only one in the world

In the morning we’ll open the shades
Let the light come streaming on in
Go for a walk in the meadow below
Turn our collars up to the wind

And, home where the evening fire burns
And your love, for which my whole heart yearns
Your smile, your charms, your arms open wide
I’m struck speechless by the light in your eyes

Honey, won’t you stay right by my side
When you’re gone I just can’t abide
I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried
So, honey come and stay by my side! Oh, yeah
Won’t you stay by my side