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I Will Walk With You

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Acoustic, Ballad, Romance, Folk, Americana
John Lauterjung: Guitars, Strings, Bass and Vocals
Copyright 2020


We took a walk in the falling rain
Then came something I just could not explain
She said, Honey, will you stand by me
And help me find a way to be free

And I said
I will walk with you and talk about the things that matter
When you’re down and blue, now darling, I will walk with you

I took her picture on that hill by the sea
Cherry blossoms framed her smile at me
I said, Honey, would you be my wife, and walk beside me for the rest of my life

And she said
I will walk with you, and talk about the past and future
When my life is through, now darling, I’ll still walk with you

Just like falling stars, our lives are just a passing dream
But we know who we are when our love flows out like a stream

I will walk with you, through the rain and the summer shadows
No matter what the world may do, I will walk with you, O darling
I will walk with you